Quality Deck Framing That Lasts a Lifetime!

Making improvements to your outdoor living space will increase your enjoyment of your home and yard while adding to your home’s value. Truedeck metal decking structures will help you to build a deck that will last a lifetime, with minimal maintenance required.

The structure of your deck is just as important as your choice of decking material. Your deck should be built on the strongest, most durable structure possible. When you choose Truedeck for your deck construction project, you’re getting the most solid, well-made and enduring deck, one that will last a lifetime.

The Truedeck steel-based framing system is the best foundation possible for your decking material. More durable than pressure-treated wood, a Truedeck steel deck will not warp or shrink like wood and stands the test of time against weather, insects and rot.

Wood decks require regular ongoing maintenance over their lifetime to combat the ravages of outdoor conditions. Truedeck will save you time and money so that you can spend more time on your deck, rather than maintaining it.

The Benefits of Choosing Truedeck Metal Deck Framing

  • Precision Engineering– Each Truedeck component is perfectly engineered to the exact length.
  • Easy Installation– The Truedeck structure is very easy to assemble.
  • Fewer Footings– Truedeck spans are longer, meaning fewer footings are required.
  • Durability– Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, Truedeck is resistant to corrosion and significantly outlasts both wood and composite.
  • Versatility– Truedeck steel decking structures can be used on both ground-level and elevated decks. Design your deck with your choice of deck materials without limitations. Whether you prefer the look and convenience of composite deck boards or the natural beauty and durability of stone, Truedeck metal deck structures can handle the load with ease.
  • Level Decks– Truedeck will not shrink or warp, providing a flatter base for your decking material and a more level deck.
  • Low Maintenance– Resistant to rot and insects, steel decking requires very little maintenance, unlike the annual repairs and maintenance associated with traditional decking materials like wood and composite.
  • Savings– All that annual maintenance can add up in time and money. You’ll save on both over the lifetime of your deck when you choose Truedeck metal deck framing.
  • Environmentally Responsible– Wood decking is often treated with chemicals and insecticides that are harmful to the environment. Truedeck is constructed of steel certified to Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, offering an environmentally friendly alternative.

Truedeck decking structures are incredibly durable. While both Truedeck and pressure-treated lumber are exterior-grade materials, only Truedeck is non-combustible, termite & vermin-proof and holds up to Canadian weather.

Truedeck structures experience no shrinking, splitting, swelling, warping or rotting. This means that your deck will stay level and you’ll enjoy your deck for a lifetime, without needing to rebuild, sand, stain, protect and repair your deck every year or two.
While its upfront cost is a little more than pressure-treated lumber, you’ll save money with Truedeck over your deck’s lifespan. From the damage caused by the elements, insects and rot to construction expense; investing in a superior decking material will save you time and money over the long run, making your Truedeck a smart investment.

Steel Framed Decks

Building a steel-framed deck is easier than you’d think. A Truedeck steel-framed deck is just as easy to build as a wood deck. Unlike pressure-treated lumber, Truedeck comes precision-engineered to the exact length you need, making them easy to assemble on site. No cutting required, simply build and enjoy. Truedeck’s high-quality steel spans require fewer footings, creating fewer obstructions and making your build easier while saving you additional time and money.

Cold-formed steel framing is an eco-conscious product, making Truedeck steel frame decks an environmentally responsible choice. One hundred percent recyclable, steel framing is free of the chemicals and resin adhesives found in wood framing products and does not release any volatile organic compounds. Truedeck steel components are certified by Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program. A recyclable resource, Truedeck also eliminates the potential of groundwater contamination.

Quality Assured! Truedeck steel framing products are designed and produced to meet all applicable Canadian building codes and standards.