Paverdeck Plank – Decks Built for Life!

Offering the flexibility of unlimited design options, Paverdeck Plank is a versatile and affordable way to create a low-maintenance porcelain deck that will last a lifetime. Engineered with the latest innovations in high-quality decking, Paverdeck Plank delivers unparalleled performance, at price comparable to using wood or composite.

Create the beautiful outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of with Paverdeck Plank.

Say goodbye to repairing your deck and replacing it every few years.

Let this be the last deck you ever build; when you use Paverdeck Plank create a deck to last a lifetime. Forget about annual staining, waterproofing & repairs, and eventual replacement every 10 to 15 years. Resistant to moisture, rot, insects and fire, Paverdeck Plank is engineered to last a lifetime.

The benefits of Paverdeck Plank

  • Cost-Effective – Priced comparably to wood or composite, Paverdeck Planks are longer lasting and will eliminate your maintenance costs, delivering better value.
  • Infinite Design Options – Porcelain tile or any other deck surfacing material can be installed over top of your Paverdeck Plank structure. Cut and shape it into any design to create your dream space, the options are endless.
  • Solid & Sound – Resisting the seasonal heaving and movement that winters bring, the Paverdeck Plank system can be installed overtop of deck pads or frost footings. Made of high-strength Canadian-made galvanized steel, Paverdeck Planks are built using the same principles found in automotive unibody architecture.

Install Paverdeck Plank right over the top of your new or existing wood or metal joist structure. Just remove your current joists and replace them with the Paverdeck Plank structure. Afterwards, add your porcelain tile or other stone decking surface right on top.

Maintenance-free and designed to last a lifetime, Paverdeck Plank decks will have you loving your outdoor living space, while adding value to your home.

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