Truedeck Metal Deck Framing

When you’re ready to build a deck or upgrade your existing one, you can say goodbye to regular maintenance and rebuilds when you choose Truedeck metal deck framing for your deck construction project.

When you use Truedeck metal deck framing, you’re building a deck for life. Lumber typically deteriorates within about 10 years, requiring several major repairs or rebuilds throughout your deck’s lifetime. Unlike wood, metal deck framing will last a lifetime, resisting the ravages of time, weather, insects and rot. Truedeck is non-combustible, resistant to corrosion, termite & vermin-proof and holds up to Canadian weather, significantly outlasting wood. Now you can spend more time enjoying your deck instead of maintaining it.

More about Steel Deck Framing

The structure under your deck makes a big difference to your finished project. Steel deck framing is the best possible foundation under your preferred decking material. Whether you want a composite deck top or even a long-lasting natural stone deck, Truedeck steel deck framing is the most solid, well-made decking structure available.

Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, Truedeck outperforms pressure-treated lumber. Truedeck metal structures will not shrink or warp like wood does and will stand up to Canadian weather for a lifetime. With no shrinking or warping, your deck’s base will remain flat, and your deck level. All that annual maintenance can add up in time and money. You’ll save on both over the lifetime of your deck when you choose Truedeck.

Building your new deck could not be easier with the Truedeck metal decking structure. Each component comes perfectly engineered to the exact length. Forget about cutting to size at the job site, your Truedeck steel decking structure arrives ready to assemble. Since Truedeck spans are longer, you’ll need fewer footings- saving you time, trouble and money.

Overtop of your Truedeck steel platform you can use any type of deck covering you like including natural stone, which also lasts a lifetime without the need to stain, repair or replace every few years.

Benefits of Truedeck Over Wood

Durability image   Truedeck Traditional Decks
 Exteriorgrade materials
 Insect & vermin resistance
 Rot resistance
 Resistant to Canadian weather
aesthetics image  AESTHETICS
 Does not shrink, split, warp or swell
 Longer spans requiring fewer footings and obstructions
 Longer cantilever
 Overall deck flatness
 Precision engineered for strength, precise accuracy and easy assembly
 Installation instructions included
  Engineered to exact lengths- no cutting required
  Technical documents (span tables) included
sustainable icon  SUSTAINABILITY
 Potential groundwater contamination
 Renewable resource
 Free of chemicals and resin adhesives

The Truedeck System includes everything you need to build your metal deck frame quickly and easily on top of your deck posts. All components are precision engineered for accuracy, strength and easy assembly. Thanks to the system’s longer spans, fewer deck posts are required, making your deck build even easier and faster.

Truedeck Components

Building a second- or third-level deck? Truedeck metal deck framing offers the most solid, well-made decking structure available. Galvanized steel provides very high strength to weight capability and permits wider joist spans, requiring fewer beams and leaving you with fewer obstructions below. Simple to install and requiring minimal maintenance, Truedeck is the ideal choice for your next deck!

Constructed of steel certified to Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, Truedeck is an environmentally responsible choice. Unlike pressure-treated lumber, Truedeck’s high-quality cold-formed galvanized steel is not treated with chemicals or insecticides that are harmful to the environment. A recyclable resource, Truedeck also eliminates the potential of groundwater contamination.

Making improvements to your outdoor living space adds to your home’s value, as well as your enjoyment of your home. Truedeck metal decking structures will help you to build a deck that will last a lifetime, with minimal maintenance required. While the upfront cost is a little more than pressure-treated lumber, you’ll save money with Truedeck over your deck’s lifespan.

Why struggle with scraping, staining, sealing or painting pressure-treated wood decking? Truedeck steel deck structures give you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor deck, rather than spending countless hours and money on deck maintenance and repairs.

Made in Canada, Truedeck steel framing products are designed and produced to meet all applicable Canadian building codes and standards, ensuring the highest quality and levels of safety possible.

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